Your change for the Environment

Every successful movement in the world relies on people like you to keep it going.

Take action, make a change with your change.
The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification along with the Partnership Initiative on Sustainable Land Management and CARICOM governments have created an innovative project called “Your Change for the Environment” to accept donations of your spare change to aid in funding environmental work.

Be seen… Go Green… Make your green mark…
Kiosks will be strategically positioned at international airports across the region. As a business you are offered the ideal forum for promoting and branding your company as a PIONEER IN BUILDING THE GREEN ECONOMY by streaming your message or visual image alongside this new product.

What does your change do?
Your donations will assist with starting a fund which supports worthy projects, including: Increasing arable lands which will be ideal for food production. Remember, the more food being produced and distributed means lower prices in local food stores.

Help preserver our environment… You are not only giving change, you are making change.

How can you donate your spare change?
It’s easy, leave your spare change in the Kiosks strategically placed at international airports across the Caribbean region. Your spare change is collected and allocated toward worthy projects which support the attainment of an improved quality of life for all.

With simple acts we destroy our planet. Now, with a simple act, you can do something to change that.