St.Vincent’s Rural Women’s Agri-Practitioners

The project aims to enhance the capacity of women in soil fertility, plant nutrition and post harvesting techniques.

This will be done through a series of theoretical and practical training exercise with the use of a demonstration plot, approximately, 32 x 36 feet. Participants will learn soil fertility testing, ensuring that it is adequate for seedling growth, following which a series of lettuce, radish, and pigeon peas crops will be planted. During growth, participants will learn food processing and marketing techniques, which will enhance the value of the product.

Post-harvest, the crops will be packaged and marketed to the community and larger markets within the Kingstown area. The project will increase the livelihood of the participants, thus reducing the level of poverty within the area. Following this, there will be a sustainability component, which will be implemented for the benefit of the participants, their families and the wider community. In the long term this project will greatly assist in alleviating the poverty level of the Sandy Bay area.

Target Group
30 – 50 Rural Women Agri-Practitioners in the London Sandy Bay area, St. Vincent

December 2010 – March 2011

St.Vincent’s Rural Women’s Agri-Practitioner’s Project Report
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