Reducing Poverty and Land Degradation in the Maya Golden Landscape of Southern Belize

Reducing poverty and land degradation in the Maya Golden Landscape of Southern Belize through Integrated Agro-forestry and Ecotourism.

The activities undertaken through this project are geared towards halting land degradation and deforestation, increasingly instrumental in the mitigation and adaption to the effects of climate change by modifying traditional land use practices to sustainable methods.
Slash and burn agriculture (milpa system) is being changed to slash and mulch methods with a more intense use of the land by diversifying agriculture products and enhancing soil fertility through the use of organic compost and less dependence on chemicals.

The need for a healthy riparian zone is being recognized and promoted by reforestation efforts. Hence, building the capacity of the farmers, at the subsistence level, to better provide for their families and community by meeting nutritional needs with better yields in production increases the opportunity of extra income generation thus contributing to
poverty alleviation.