The Evolution of PISLM


  1. Aug-Sept 1977
    United Nations Convention on Desertification (UNCOD), Nairobi, Kenya Desertification addressed as a worldwide problem for the first time and a Plan of Action to Combat Desertification (PACD.)
  2. 1992 
    United Nations Convention on Environment and Development (UNCED), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Evolution of Agenda 21 and call for the establishment of a Convention to Combat Desertification.
  3. 1994 
    Global Conference on the Sustainable Development of SIDS, Barbados SIDS Programme of Action (SIDS/POA) developed as a key global strategy geared towards the implementation of Agenda 21.
  4. 1996 
    United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) enters into force, Secretariat, Bonn, Germany Enters into force (90 days after 50th ratification was received.)
  5. Oct. 2002 
    GEF Operational Program on Sustainable Land Management (Opt #15), Beijing Catalyzed a high financial demand for Sustainable Land Management activities.
  6. Nov. 2003 
    14th Session of the Forum of the Ministers of the Environment for LAC.
  7. Feb. 2004
    Caribbean Sub-regional workshop on Land Degradation, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago Formulation of the Partnership Initiative on Sustainable Land Management (PISLM) as part of the Caribbean SIDS Programme and the establishment of a Sub-Regional Task Force for the PISLM.
  8. May-June 2005
    Task Force Meeting for the PISLM and Extended Task Force Meeting of Participating Agencies and Latin American Countries for Enhancing South-South Cooperation between LAC-Caribbean SIDS, Barbados The establishment of a Support Office to coordinate the activities of the PISLM; Formalizing of the Institutional Arrangements and Relations of the PISLM; The definition of the operational modalities of the Task Force; Draft Operational Guidelines for a PISLM Support Office; Review of the Components of the Partnership Initiative; The development of a work programme for the PISLM.
  9. Aug. 2005 
    X Regional Meeting of LAC country Parties of UNCCD, São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil.Decision 1 (b) (2) – recognize that the process within the PISLM in the Caribbean represents the conceptual framework of the Caribbean Sub-Regional Action Programmes (SRAP) for the coordination of new and existing initiatives.