International Coastal Clean Up 2014 Trinidad and Tobago

Our ocean is nature’s farmers market. More than 2.6 billion people rely on the ocean as a primary source of protein. Healthy food from our ocean means a healthy planet.

Like you, we are amazed and inspired by the stunning diversity of life in the ocean. Playful dolphins and otters, majestic sharks, powerful polar bears and glimmering schools of fish.

It is our duty to preserve their wild and free existence by protecting them from the human threats that surround them: harmful nets, plastics, oil spills and more. .

The 2014 International Coastal Cleanup Trinidad and Tobago is finally here. Become a clean up officer/volunteer and help us ensure a clean Trinidad and Tobago for the next generation to enjoy.

Click the map to see which clean up project is closest to you, for more information contacts are provided.

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