Organization Profile

 The highest decision making body of CNIRD is the general assembly which meets once every three years to elect members of the management committee, approve new policy and programs, to network and seek further direction of CNIRD. Other components of the organization are the executive committee, the director assisted by supporting staff, manages the secretariat which is responsible for daily operations of the organization.

Networking is the strategy employed by CNIRD in the implementation of its programs and as such networks with organizations at the national, regional and international levels. These affiliations include other NGO’s and organizations throughout the geographic Caribbean inclusive of Non-English speaking countries. CNIRD is also accredited to the United Nations convention on biodiversity and the United Nations convention to combat desertification and drought. It is the Caribbean sub regional focal point of the international NGO network-red international de ong sobre la desertification (RIOD)

This NGO is sustained by funds from donor agencies, membership fee and internal income generation. Its membership comprises of representatives of the rural sector, technocrats, academics and society stakeholders.